Living from the Father’s Heart

On December 28, 2010, I was prayer journaling and heard these words. They were not mine but flowed from deep inside me as I wrote. I believe that this was instruction from the Father through His Spirit into mine.  I share them in order to bless you in your journey.


If you would walk in my ways, then you will have to bury yourself deep into Me and anchor your soul in love to my faithfulness.  This must become fixed in your mind and your heart for you must live from within the veil and not toward the veil.  When you live outside looking in, you will find yourself always trying to figure out what is going on and moving on your own understanding. This binds you to human thinking and will cause offense if you cannot hear or understand the answers you seek.

When you live from Me there is not a need to understand, but a flow of releasing My kingdom.  When you live toward Me you are a debtor, bringing problems for Me to fix. When you live from Me you are a creditor who is offering My solution to the world.

Release your thoughts and become My thoughts. Live from My passionate love to bring all things into alignment with My word.  When you live from Me because you’re in Me, the answer is in you for I am in you.  You will begin to see what I am doing, and then you can speak into the spirit of the person you are trying to help. The soul will only be healthy as the spirit is healthy. The spirit cannot be healthy outside of Me.  What I offer you is the opportunity to become My word, but you have to let everything else go for it is not important.  Walk in what is important, seek My kingdom to live from it to the world. You will begin to see what I see, hear what I say, and move as I move. I do not give direction for what you cannot do.  In Me, all things are yours for they are Mine. It is My good pleasure to give them to you.

I bless you to hear the message that the Father desires to give you today. I bless you to plant it deep in your being so that it might yield a crop useful for His Kingdom.


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