Father’s Wisdom

“You are not treating My word as holy.” these words marked the beginning of my Father’s wisdom to me. Little did I know then, it was His desire to mentor me by taking me on a journey into what life looks like ‘living by the spirit’. After having lived as fully as I knew to live in Him for over fifty years, He called me into a pursuit that has challenged me, healed me, changed me, and altered the way I do life.

Since I was baptized in the Holy Spirit at the age of fourteen, I have not doubted that I could hear Him speaking to me. I loved the concepts that dropped into my heart during the day, even at school. I embraced them and learned from them the thoughts of my Father towards me. However, as I grew older and life became more challenging, I slowly lost the wonder and freshness of walking in that position.

From time to time I would still have His quiet voice dropping concepts into me. I would still ponder them and appreciate His voice, but He had something different in mind. He wanted to mentor me in a very intimate way. However, if I didn’t write it down in order to build on the wisdom He was giving me, I would not become the mature son He desired. I am still on that walk, maturing and growing in His wisdom and love daily. He is still mentoring me in His own way, according to how He designed me.

In the summer of 2008, I began prayer journaling. Thus a journey blossomed of sitting with Him and taking down notes of the concepts He was dropping into my spirit. He was not showing me nebulous things but was teaching me in my daily activities how to live the way He intended for me to live. The way I desired to live.

His words took me on a path, not of knowledge but practical steps in the midst of living life that would keep me aligned with Him. “Become like a river and flow,” was the concept that first graced the page. Over the course of that first year, He showed me how to sow such a concept into my life.

The scriptures speak of living life by the spirit, but what does that actually look like on any given day? Does one size fit all? In our Father’s wisdom, He made every one of us unique. He also leads us in that uniqueness because He loves His design in each of us. On this website are articles of where my life has ‘flowed’ since that time. My desire in sharing these concepts in a book is to open up the wisdom He gave me to those who are interested.

This book is not for everyone. It is not a devotional. It is a journey for those who want to walk in the spirit. It is not an easy walk because it requires us to become like a child. Walking in the spirit is the antithesis of living life in the natural. It is learning to move from our spirit instead of our natural or soul thinking. It is a road that very few are willing to travel, and yet it is what many deeply yearn to find.

I have placed a sample here, for those who want a peek into the book. It is not a book for those who want to increase knowledge, rather for those who would take the journey. The Father once told me that the same thing that softens the heart can harden it. The difference is how it is received and walked out. (Hear and do)

I bless you to know if this is a book our Father has for you at this point in your own journey. I bless you to hear and honor the concepts He is dropping into your thinking so that you might learn to follow His process for you. I bless you to know and embrace His extravagant love which is ever flowing from His heart to yours.

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