Prepurposed Publishing

Prepurposed Publishing was created to publish the Zion Chronicles Series. The series will be a trilogy. Zion’s Dawn, Zion’s Hope, and Zion’s Song.  Right now, I start from humble beginnings to walk out His desires as I am able.  My purpose is to teach through story. I believe that when teaching is done through a story it opens up the creative side of our brains to see how the teaching applies to our own situation as the Holy Spirit opens our eyes. It is akin to mentoring instead of book learning.  I think that is one of the reasons that Jesus taught in parables. With a story, the Holy Spirit is free to interact with each reader at the level they are currently walking. The articles and books that I bring to the table are writings that celebrate and illuminate the design and purpose that God put into each of us. It is my passion to encourage the reader to discover and embrace how God has created them uniquely and beautifully.

I have felt led to also publish a companion journal for each of the novels. The purpose of the journal is to assist those who are interested in beginning a journey of their own based on concepts in the book. In the journal, I highlight passages and ask questions that will open the reader’s heart and spirit to translate the teaching into his or her’s life. It is not for everyone. However, as a tool for a group study or personal devotion, it will provide many take-off points to help assimilate what you are learning.

Free samples of each book are offered in the store, as well as books for sale. Find the store here.

I am not sure how God intends to use this publishing company in the future. I am open for anything He has. At this point, I do not intend to publish other peoples writings, but I am open to that if God opens that door in the future. If you would like to receive updates about new releases, please fill out the newsletter form at the very bottom of the page.