Zion’s Dawn Journal Sample


Want to know more about what you might be getting yourself into? This PDF sample is provided to do just that. It includes the front and back cover, as well as instructions on how to get the most out of the journal and the questions to the first chapter.


This journal/study guide has been designed for those who desire to explore the concepts and parables woven into the novel Zion’s Dawn. It is not a light study although you can go as deep as you would like. The questions are designed to open avenues for the reader to see their spiritual life from a different standpoint. If you are wondering about taking this plunge, I hope this sample will help you decide.

I am not attempting to outline a method, rather in order to have a venue for you, the Holy Spirit, and maybe some friends to explore the possibilities of living life the way you were designed to live. the journal contains concepts and ideas gleaned from my own journey, but my hope in writing this journal is to give the reader a framework with which to follow the Holy Spirit into their own adventure with God. The whole idea behind walking in the spirit is to be able to hear what God is speaking and walk in obedience to His desires. If I can give you the tools to do that I feel that I have been successful.

We as a society, even as children of God, have not really grasped what walking in the Spirit looks like. Most of us walk in the natural and try to get God to bless our endeavors. The paradigm shift required to walk in the Spirit, the way that Jesus intended, will be as big a learning curve as it was for our main character in the book.  The questions are designed for you to discover what it looks like for you, in your design to walk in God’s Spirit every day. It is not an easy shift and will take a lifetime of stretching into God’s plan for you.

This journal is not for the purpose of gaining knowledge in the western way of thinking, as in; if I know how to do something then I possess it. Rather, it is an exercise to know in the Biblical sense of experiencing something firsthand and embracing that understanding as a lifestyle.

Have I peaked your interest? Have a look. It is free.



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