Zion’s Dawn Journal


The journal consists of 108 pages of questions and information to assist you in your own journey. The questions were designed to open your heart to the story you are writing by using scenes and thoughts from the novel.


There is a lot more to this novel than you might expect. I have tried to write a story that is both engaging and entertaining. However, woven into the story are many parables and teachings that can be expanded upon for those who are interested.  That is what this journal is all about. First, for you who have not considered your own story and how God has an adventure to walk with you, it is a kick-off point to begin to really look at your life in the spirit. For those of you who desire such a journey but do not yet have tools to get started, this journal is designed to provide one way for that to begin. For those of you who find yourself stuck in your journey, it provides a tangible way to evaluate where you might have impediments and how to overcome them.

As with the novel, the journal has many levels of possibilities. It is in participating with the Holy Spirit that you will unearth the answers that you seek. This journal would also make a wonderful study for two or more. Discussion always enhances our understanding if you are with a group that you trust. Bulk discounts are available by using the coupons. If you have any special needs, please contact me at bruce@prepurposed .net or use the contact page here. A sample of the journal can be downloaded for free in the store.




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