Zion’s Dawn

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Zion’s Dawn is the first novel of a trilogy written by Bruce Jacobsen. It is printed in paperback and contains 355 pages.

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Drawn from his life and walk in the Holy Spirit, Bruce brings into story form the challenges and joys of learning to walk according to the spirit instead of walking in natural thinking. It is about finding God’s design and purpose for you in a world that continually pushes against both. It is the first book in a trilogy which will take you on an adventure that will challenge your thinking and dare you to embrace God’s adventure in your own life. It is not written to increase your knowledge but to immerse you in possibilities in your own walk. Feel the joy of discovery and the trials of misunderstanding God’s heart as a journey unfolds for young Gideon into the awesome heart of his Heavenly Father.

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2 reviews for Zion’s Dawn

  1. Erica

    I can’t say enough good things about this book. Not only was the story interesting and kept me intrigued but every time I picked it up I heard Gods spirit speaking to me and teaching me through the trials the main character faced. There were even critical times in my life when the lord would lead me to a prayer or a blessing from this book that he wanted me to pray. It wasn’t a passive experience reading this book, but an engaging experience in which I found myself involved at the deepest heart level and walking through similar trials as the main character. I learned so much not only about myself and my design but also about the character of our loving Father God and how to walk closer with him in this journey of life. My relationship with him has become more vibrant and alive since reading this book. I highly recommend it! I can’t wait till the sequel comes out.

  2. Carol

    Zion’s Dawn is an amazing script and roadmap on how to live life as we were designed to live, out of our spirit, with all the color and flair of the soul properly aligned with our spirit. It’s a life lived out of the deepest part of our being, where God’s Spirit is intertwined with ours, leading the dance in glorious harmony with the unique design of our Creator and Father for each one of us.

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