Zion’s Hope Journal Sample


Want to know more about what you might be getting yourself into? This PDF sample is provided to do just that. It includes the front and back cover, as well as instructions on how to get the most out of the journal and the questions to the first chapter.


If you have utilized the journal to Zion’s Dawn then you know what this Journal has in store for you. If you have not completed it, then it would be to your benefit to do so. This is about your journey, therefore the more in depth you can go with the Holy Spirit the better.

Let’s see what awaits as we traverse the pathways of the second book. I bless you to find the life that God desires you to have. I bless your spirit to see further and clearer than ever before and to be able to translate His life to the soul in a way that lifts the soul to new places in Yeshua. I bless you to embrace truth as the Holy Spirit opens up doors that you did not know existed before. May the Lord of all creation lead you in the song and dance He has chosen for you that your joy might be complete.


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