Zion’s Hope

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The Zion Chronicles Series continues with the second book in the trilogy. Written by Bruce Jacobsen, it is a 392 page paperback.


With the bang of the gavel, Ethan is set free from debt but is Lord Damon defeated so easily? Daniel has learned much in his trials at the hand of his nemesis. His adoptive father has blessed him to finally go to Azav and find his parents. Yet, even in the dawn of a new season of his life Daniel finds that Lord Damon is not defeated, merely shifting his tactics but to what end? It is Abigail who takes up the pen as Zion’s Hope begins where Zion’s Dawn left off. Can Daniel apply lessons learned in the old season to adapt them to the new challenges? Can Abigail learn to walk in a depth of trust which will try her to her extremity? Father God has a unique path for each of them as He looks to establish His kingdom in Azav. Each must surrender to His ways, but it will not be easy. The Father’s ways are higher and not understood by soul thinking. Although Abigail and Daniel are separated for a season, their lives become woven together by the dance of the Spirit.

Follow along as the Father’s paths of grace through their obedience, ushers in His design for not only their lives but also for the heart of Azav. Taste the wonder of a what our ability to trust can open up in the brilliance of our Father’s plans.

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1 review for Zion’s Hope

  1. Steven Buller

    Wow! I just got finished reading both books for the second time but the second time that I read Zion’s Hope I only read Daniels portion and not Abigail’s until the very end when they both get back together. It’s like reading a whole new book with a whole different layer of faith and experience added to it. It’s a whole different Journey to read Daniels experiences without knowing what is happening to Abigail at the same time or how Daniels prayers and others are affecting Abigail as she walks out her path. Thank you Bruce for following the leading to write these books. I have truly found renewed inspiration in my walk with Jesus to seek him at a whole new level. I firmly believe that this truly is the way we are meant to live on the circle of earth as we choose to walk out our lives as sons and daughters of the Most High. Very inspiring!

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