Living from the Father’s Heart

On December 28, 2010, I was prayer journaling and heard these words. They were not mine but flowed from deep inside me as I wrote. I believe that this was instruction from the Father through His Spirit into mine.  I share them in order to bless you in your journey.   If you would walk in my ways, then you will have to bury yourself deep into Me and anchor your soul in love to my faithfulness.  This must become fixed in your mind and your heart for you must READ MORE

Courting Disaster

Bile roiled and churned in his stomach as the accused sat alone in the cell awaiting the trial that would seal his fate. The stench of human depravity and sweat permeated his minute world. The specters of others who had awaited their time before the judge, closed around him dimming the light from the single bulb above his head. The weight of the unknown hung before him like the gallows outside his cell. Until this moment, he would have said he was a good man. He did not understand the READ MORE