Sixty years of age is not the most practical time in life to launch out on an adventure requiring an ability yet to be learned. However, Abraham was not a spring chicken when he left Ur of the Chaldees to follow the voice of God. I have had many and varied promises and words from the Father over the years but am almost always surprised by how He fulfills them. I have erringly obsessed over figuring out how it would look when the promise was fulfilled. However, the expectations that READ MORE

God’s Timing

One of the most difficult areas to understand and embrace in this journey is God’s timing. What is He thinking? We get a promise from Him through His word to us; a scripture, a prophet, or a friend that resonates with our spirit. We receive it with joy and anticipation that we are about to see a big change in our lives and then nothing. Nothing! We wait for days. We wait for weeks, many times months and years, and still, it is a dry well. In our exuberance, we READ MORE