Why Prepurposed?

What if? I love what if questions. They open up possibilities of new ideas without causing our preconceived notions to rise up as a bulwark to defend against them. So, what if you stepped into this life as someone who was designed and not just grew from a blob?

What if science can’t see a ‘design’ in this universe because of their bias? If Columbus had not foreseen the possibility that the world was round he would never have set sail to find out.

What if you have believed a lie that you are merely one of a species of animals that cohabit this planet with no more purpose than a toad? Then living a life of no account would be reasonable. Yet there is something inside each of us that knows intuitively this is not true, for a life lived without purpose is a miserable life.

What if there is a God who knew the future as well as knew what family and circumstances you would be born into? Would He not also have known the struggles and challenges you would face throughout your life?

What if in knowing these things about you, He designed into you everything that you need to be successful in who you were designed to be? Would you want to know your design?

What if your fulfillment in this life was connected completely to that design.

What if you have a birthright, a destiny, that is all your own that God was waiting with joyful anticipation for you to discover and unpack with Him?

I am building this website to celebrate that concept. We are pre-purposed for this life. We come from a loving, kind, compassionate God who isn’t sitting on a throne somewhere waiting to judge everything we do or say. He has pre-purposed us to live a life of meaning and joy as we learn to walk with Him the way He designed us in the first place. He is not waiting until we mess up to slap us down. He is joyfully celebrating our discoveries as we learn who He designed us to be.

You may have heard it said that you were set in this world as a blank piece of paper to see what you would make of yourself. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are not a computer that only came with an operating system but then was left on your own to cobble together a life as best you could. You were breathed into by your Creator so that you would have a spirit programmed with every bit of information you would need to discover, build upon, and bring forth the blessing that God designed you to be. What distinguishes humans from every other creature is that we carry the very essence of God within us.

Don’t believe me? That’s fine. I am not here to convince you of anything. However, to those who have something tugging at them from deep inside, I offer to you a friendly voice and encouraging words that can light your world in a way that brings hope and purpose to your life.

While it is true that this journey is not often an easy road, there was never a better time in all of history to embark on such an adventure. God is releasing new revelation every day to open up resources to help those willing to take the journey. If that intrigues you then come along. It is certainly worth the effort.

Paul in his letter to the Ephesians (1:4) says that God chose us in Jesus Christ before the foundations of the world were laid. In Romans 8 it is written that we were predestined, pre-purposed if you will. God has a purpose for you. What if you discover that purpose and realize it is everything you ever really wanted in this life and beyond. Not only that but you are fully designed for it! Such is the pre-purpose of God in each one of us.

This is a journey of discovery, about you, about God, and about how He designed you to celebrate this life with Him. There is something in the heart of humanity that longs for a purpose. To live a life devoid of purpose is to live out our days in futility. A wise king once said that all of this life was vanity, meaningless. Everything he had built and accomplished was but dust and ashes because all of it would crumble in the end. It is interesting to note that these passages were written at the end of his life. He had lived his life without restraint, grabbing at everything he desired. In the end, he lived only for himself. He missed his pre-purpose. He missed knowing his true design and his true birthright. Even though he possessed everything this world could offer, he died in futility because he never discovered who he was really designed to be.

If you are intrigued by these thoughts then let’s encourage each other to love and good works. Let’s celebrate the diversity God pre-purposed into every man, woman, and child. He has no bad designs. Every one of us is endowed with a yet undeveloped brilliance that is worthy of unpacking with the Creator of all. Who you truly are matters greatly and it is time you discovered who that is.

I have begun writing a trilogy of books wrapped up in this concept, the first being ‘Zion’s Dawn’. In its pages, I use the story of a young man who has no clue about birthrights, destinies, or a good God. The story was ‘pre-purposed’ to bring to life a journey we all can take.  He begins as clueless as we are, but through life’s challenges and words of wisdom, he comes to know His true identity. Part allegory and part parable, it is a story written by my spirit to call out to those who have lost their way in who they are, their legitimacy before God, and what their purpose is upon the circle of the earth. If you have not read it, it is available in the store, along with a sample that you can download for free.

I am a believer in blessings. I have found that they are the catalyst for bringing forth His design in each of us. So I bless you in spirit and soul to see the truth and embrace it, for only truth has any substance for working out your identity. I bless you to know that you were formed in love by an awesome God to bring your special kind of beauty to this world. I bless you to discover all He is in you, for He is always working to reveal Himself to us all. I bless you to turn your awareness toward Him and see that He would die for you to get to know Him. In fact, He already did.