Zion’s Dawn Early Appraisals

The responses below are from those who know me. I have lived life with them in good and bad times. They have watched me walk out my own journey into the awesome heart of God. They are not book critics, nor are they writers. They are wonderful, amazing people on a journey to know the Father who created us all. The words below are from their reactions to reading and for some editing even some early drafts.


Thank you so much for the book, it is really well written, and as I stopped by the road to start reading it, I was hit immediately by how the first two pages portrayed my present reality. It was quite emotional. (AL)
The writing is more like a song or a poem than a book. It is very well written. (LW)

Well done!  Good, faithful servant.The part in the heavenly courtroom my spirit jumped up and my eyes teared up!!!  At the end of it, when verdict was rendered.  I could see every generation, every accusation fall, every blessing restored…  It was wonderful!!!  (RAK)

When I received your book, I thought I would give it a quick read while I had the time. However, it was soon apparent that this was a book had too much to be gleaned to go through it quickly. (MW)

I look forward to reading it all the time.  I glean something new every time I sit to read! The Lord showed me something this morning that agrees with something else He showed me this week.  I’m learning about myself!

Thank you so much for your book, I am enjoying it, my spirit is awakening. I would like another one sent to my son. I know this will bless him now in a big way as just this morning he invited Jesus into his heart. (LK)

From a letter to a friend of mine who had given a copy to a friend:

What made the biggest impression was the courtroom scenes. So much ground could be taken reclaimed and gained in God’s courtroom. … why would I not spend more time with my Savior there. There was something more — Oh yes, Gideon’s attitude toward the victims of the enemy. He saw them as they truly are and as a result quit passing judgment. Don’t you love how God layers things in His teaching us. … Tell Bruce my appreciation. He has stretched my world. (B)

From one of my editors upon receiving her finished copy:

Well, it looks like the journey with your book and journal will have it’s own new flavor and dance for me…

When I first received it as “Legacy`s Dance,”  (Original working title for Zion’s Dawn) I couldn’t put it down and my spirit was sooooo hungry for it. With the completed project, and your gift of the book and journal, I am having a very different experience…

My spirit is equally excited about the book and project, but the timing of reading it is vastly different. After receiving the book in print, I was awakened in the night, on two separate occasions to read the 1st two chapters. I was delighted. Although it was familiar, it was also like a book I had never opened or read. It hit my spirit and soul in a new way. I savored the words of each chapter and slept on it. I figured God wanted to go through it with me slowly. I expected that I would be awakened for Chapter 3 last night, but I went to bed early and slept a full 10 hours.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 and I was drawn to the Journal. I had thumbed through it when I got it, but I read the Forward, Forward for the Wounded (outloud) and the Introduction this morning and it sets the stage for an entirely different adventure with the book. My plan going forward is to take my time and go through the book and Journal together.

I think I`ve been allowed some different experiences with your book to give you some feedback? Not sure, but I`ll offer them, if I may?…

I know there will be people who get the book and will ravenously read it like I did the 1st time through. I couldn’t put it down. My spirit “NEEDED” it. It validated them somehow??

After receiving the new book, I know my spirit wanted the peace and quiet to take in all it has to offer at a pace where they can digest more of it’s content, frequency and anointing.

There will be many who buy the book alone (no journal) and will have their own experience with it. There will be the ravenous read, the slow sultry read, the read when their busy schedules allow, the being awakened in the night for the full and greater impact of it…and on and on it goes. It has something for every spirit in just about any state you might find them in. It will entrain and elevate the frequencies of the spirit and take him or her to the place Father wants to take them, at the pace they are ready for. Of course, you already know this, and of course, it will look different for everyone.

The book can be read by anyone. The general public…whether they have a spiritual background or not. It is ministry to the atheist and christian alike. I would give your book to my mother, children, friends…anyone…whether they were familiar with the idea of their spirit, design, birthright etc., or not.  They may not know what hit them, but they will be blessed…spirit and soul will glean much.

Then comes the Journal. 1st impression…It seems to have a language of it’s own. Not sure if what I read so far would be easily understood by people who don’t know that they have a spirit and speak the language of design, birthright, unpacking etc.,? (MJC)

Second email:

As I make my way through the book and journal in tandem, I must alter my words to you regarding the journal.. I would hate for ANYONE to miss out on this treasure! Please forgive my prior assessment…especially if it was harsh or abrupt in any way. (MJC)

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