School Notes

In 2014 I taught a group of highly prophetic people in what we called ‘the school’. It lasted for about a year. We met twice a week. These are the instructions God gave me in order to facilitate what he desired. They are a great guideline for walking in the spirit with all of God’s children regardless of how far they have come out of their own deception.

Rules of Play – I Corinthians 13 Love and Honor above all else

  • Feelings of shame, hurt, rejection will be places for healing and restoration. Feelings are feelings, they are what they are and there are reasons they are present. Give the grace to provide a safe atmosphere for healing.
  • It is our goal that we might spur each other on to the full potential of each birthright and call.
  • We need a playing field that all are free to discover gifts, talents, wounds, and bondage so that we might assist each other to be full and free in Christ.
  • All downloads, visions, and prophecies are subject to the prophets and the scriptures in love. Some things may need to be tested to be approved.
  • This is a place of freedom to learn and participate where the Holy Spirit is the leader. We are all pupils in His school.

Identity and design are paramount in our endeavor.

  • Begin to ask the Holy Spirit to show you your design, your inheritance, and your call.
  • True humility and the advantage of a company that knows you and can encourage you.
  • It is a tactic of the enemy to hide our identity from us and use others and circumstance to keep us from walking in it. Be diligent to search it out.
  • We are on a journey of discovery about God’s design in us and for us separately and as a group.
  • Mustard seed faith – the faith of a mustard seed is that it embraces and lives its design.

It is all about God and not about us.

  • Each of us is tuned to a different note, learn to resonate at that frequency.
  • Together we become a chord and a melody to His glory.
  • We must learn to celebrate His awe and beauty in each other not be envious of the others sound.

Jesus is the instructor and therefore:

  • Have a journal which you can write what He is teaching you personally
  • Allow Him to choose your area of growth and embrace it.
  • Practice personal obedience to what He is instructing you daily.
  • Learn to meditate on and celebrate His ways and His paths for you.

Important values to cultivate:

  • Gratitude – learn to see what He is doing and be grateful for everything.
  • Asking – knowing what to ask at the appropriate time.
  • Permission – Not doing something because you can or because you have seen it. Learn to ask what to do with what is given.
  • Practice Blessing – verbally blessing the work of the Holy Spirit, others, as well as, angels God has assigned to help us. We Hold death and life in our tongue because we are sons.
  • Becoming a fruit inspector – Just because we are obedient does not mean everything went as we expected or well. In fact, expectations are dangerous. They can bring about offense. View the outcome from the throne with your Father and seek instruction as to how to view it. Not all fruit can be viewed in the natural realm.
  • Love – the Father, Truth, His children; this is always the default position. Everything done from the position of love will be from His heart for He is love.
  • Risk – stretching beyond your competence to develop new skills
  • Timing – not everything we see or hear is to be shared now or to everyone, learn how to keep God’s secrets Luke 12:48 (much given – much required)
  • Embrace challenge – What He allows in our lives will bless us if we embrace it.

Living in the moment

  • Living for a prophecy can keep you from getting there, keep your eyes on the Lord.
  • God uses prophecy as verification and encouragement
  • The Word God gives you will be tested! It must be worked into the fiber of your being so that you can stand in the fullness of His word.

Scriptures to know and meditate upon:

  • Phil:4:8 – Whatsoever things are true . . . think on these things
  • Ps 19:14 – Let the words of my mouth . . .
  • 2 Tim 3:16-17 – the Scriptures are God-breathed and useful . . .
  • Josh 1:8 – do not let this book of the law depart from your mouth
  • Tim 4: 14-15 – Do not neglect . . . meditate on these things
  • 29:29 The secret things belong to God, but things revealed to us

Names of God:

Names God Revealed to His People. Blessing God’s Name over people, challenges, and situations brings them into alignment with Him.

  • El Shaddai – The All Sufficient One – Gen 17:1-2 (covenant God)
  • Jehovah – Jireh – the Lord our Provider Gen 22:14 (He will provide for sin, atonement)
  • Jehovah – Nissi – The Lord our Banner – Exodus 17:15 (He who fights for us)
  • Jehovah – Ra-ha – The Lord our Shepherd – Psalms 23 (Provider of all our needs)
  • Jehovah – Rapha – the Lord who Heals Exodus 15:22-26 (God of Divine Health)
  • Jehovah-Shalom – the Lord our Peace – Judges 6:24 (reality of God’s power in your situation)
  • Jehovah- Shammah – The Lord who is Present – Ezekiel 48:35 (restoration of all things)
  • Jehovah – Tsidkenu – the Lord our Righteousness – Jeremiah 33:16

An encouraging word I heard just before we started the school:

Behold, I am about to do a new thing that if I spoke it, the ears of those who hear would be offended. So many things I would like to share with my children but they are not yet mature enough to hear. They run so quickly to judgment and error because they do not know Me. How right is the saying, they have ears but do not hear and eyes but do not see. You see but you do not perceive. Do not judge by your prejudice or by what your forefathers ‘knew’ about Me, but judge by My Spirit among you. What will you embrace so that I may walk among you? If I give you a gift and it seems a rock to you because neither you nor your forefathers have known it; will you hold it and search it out to see whether it is bread? Who is so blind but My seer or so deaf but My prophet? I do not ask you to accept everything you hear or see, but test it to see if it is from me. Examine it in my light. Test it in My presence to see whether it is from Me. I desire to teach you many things, but they are not physically discerned neither are they judged by your ‘knowledge’. Unpack them by the Spirit and discern them in the light of My throne. I have so much for you to unpack here and so I have put you together that you might have the counsel of many. Religion will want a say in your midst, but you must discern her as well. She will reject my teachings for the sake of tradition or cause a mindset of offense so that I am blocked from teaching you. That is why the way is paved in worship and the path in praise. In my gates are righteous judgments. Before my throne, all things are made manifest as to their true nature. I said to taste and see that I am good. I did not say look and see, or hear and know that I am good. Some things you will have to acquire a taste for because it is foreign to you, but I have given you my Spirit of wisdom and truth so that you might know me. Will you do the work necessary to birth My new things and embrace them until they become bread for the masses? Will you embrace My life among you so that I might show my nature among you? I have put you together, for such a time as this, for the purpose of bringing new birth and not for you to consume what others are ‘hearing and seeing’. Plow your own field and work your own crop for from your midst I will bring forth that which would feed a nation and supply My people. Do not treat lightly what I would show you or despise the little steps for each will build upon another until you break into that which I shall give you. Come and see. Search Me out for yourselves because you are designed for My glory.